The Searchers and Bob Potter?

Staying in a ’60’s theme, we are very honoured to have The Searchers performing at Camberley Theatre on April 1st.

Tickets available here

The Searchers were part of the original Brit invasion of America in the 1960s which was spearheaded by The Beatles. Both bands were actually part of the Mersey Beat scene.


They’ve always played lovey guitars, this clip from 1963 shows a joyous collection of Burns, Gibson and Fender guitars.

We caught up with Frank Allen from The Searchers, just back from touring Australia and he gave us some great answers to our blog questions – including a lovely anecdote about local legend, Bob Potter!

What’s your favourite thing about going on tour?

In essence the actual time on stage and the amazing reaction we get from our shows. Perhaps if we are travelling to another country, say  The States or Australia there are sights, sounds and customs that  give an extra bonus to out work. We always got to Australia in March so we enjoy fantastic weather while our chums are suffering with the chilly weather back home. 


What can the Camberley audience expect?

As much as we can a history of The Searchers in music, anecdotes in humour. The big hits, the smaller lesser known ones, album tracks and B sides. The occasional number by another artiste behind which there is usually a connecting story. Anything in fact that will interest, delight or amuse those who come to see us. I like to think that we will all go home with the feeling that we have just spent some time in the company of good friends. 

Have you any funny or special memories of Surrey in general?

We used to do Lakeside quite regularly and as people know it is owned and run by the very idiosyncratic and fascinating, not to say forthright, Bob Potter. In the eighties we were going through our ‘casually dressed’ period in an attempt to keep up with current trends. When we came off stage on the first night he very sharply quipped ‘ My waiters are dressed better than you’. He was right and we got straight back into uniforms for the rest of the stay. 

This is our 50th Anniversary year, can you remember your first trip to the theatre and / or the first piece of music you bought? You were performing in 1966, what were those golden days of pop really like?

I don`t recall the first time at the theatre. my earlier memories are of playing down the road at The Agincourt Ballroom, again for Bob Potter.

 The first disc I paid full price for was Elvis`s Heartbreak Hotel and I didn`t even own a record player. I had before that bought a second hand Frankie Laine E.P. 

 In 1966 actually our career had begun to dip slightly so we were on shaky ground. The last hit, Have You Ever Loved Somebody, was in that year. Up to then we had enjoyed a wonderful run of 1 chart singles. But it was still magical and exciting to be a fully fledged professional musician. We just didn`t think it would last all through the decades to where we are now. And still no sign of retirement.

Thanks Frank – I’m sure the band will be impeccably dressed on April 1st when they play Camberley Theatre. Tickets available here  (Just look at that lovely Rickenbacker guitar!)