Russell Kane interview!

Brian Donaldson caught up with Russell ahead of his Camberley Theatre show on May 3rd.

Russell Kane is a changed man. For his Right Man, Wrong Age tour, you may encounter someone with a new look, fresh perspectives and a different approach to his comedy. “In the last year I’ve been married and had a baby. I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed my look, I’ve thrown all my eyeliner in the bin. I literally went to my wardrobe one day and got all my ridiculous clothes and took them to the Sue Ryder shop for some other man having a midlife crisis then bought the four exact same suits in different colours from Topman. Then I got my hair as flat as it can go and I thought, ‘that’s it: this is me now’.”


russell-k-use-mid-resIn fact, Russell can pinpoint the exact moment when he needed to alter his outlook and write a new show. It started with somebody at the door . . . “I’m always looking for the moment that can make me look ridiculous in a way that is compelling. I was in the middle of spray-tanning myself upstairs in these tiny pants when the doorbell went. I went downstairs in my dressing gown and this window cleaner was touting for work. He leaned in and said, ‘I’m really sorry to disturb you: is your mum or dad in at all?’ Initially you might have thought this was a compliment, but it’s really not. He could be talking about how I’m putting myself across so I thought: ‘clothes in the bin’. And at that moment, there was Right Man, Wrong Age.”


In the world of stand-up, acts are continually expected to evolve and grow and turn over a significant amount of material every one or two years. For some this burden might prove too much, but for Russell Kane this is a challenge he relishes. “I’ll keep changing, and I don’t really ever want to stand still. I don’t care if it confuses people about where I’m coming from. I’m protean; I don’t want to be recognisable in five years’ time; that’s what keeps my writing going. One day I’m learning Spanish, the next I’m learning survivalism. I might do my maths GCSE next week: who knows?”


For now, though, Russell is focused on making Right Man, Wrong Age the best show it can possibly be. His topic this time around is how we never quite feel the life-stage that we’re in and the age that we’re at, whether we’re 80 or 18. “When you’re 18, you look in the mirror and think ‘I know what I want to do, so why am I trapped in this 18-year-old body?’ while the 80-year-old is still waltzing and dancing around in her head. That’s going to be my jumping off point and from there I’ll do lots of accessible observations as well as the odd thinky bit. But I don’t want to disappear up my own bum with this show, I just want to go on in my suit, like Michael McIntyre or Peter Kay, and just be funny and have lots of big laughs. My only job in life is to be funny.”


Inevitably, his new fatherhood status will have to be addressed in his show. As ever with Russell, he’ll work hard to avoid easy clichés and tired stereotypes as he tackles a subject that has been raised on many a stage by several generations of comedians. “It’s so hack to talk about having babies that I need to find another way in. It’s like walking into Pret at 5pm and there’s one boiled egg left: that’s what’s left to say about childbirth. But when you’re coming at it from a male point of view, you need to find a way in. I’ve never heard a man talk about caesarean section, so that might be the way to go.”


If you’ve seen Russell on stage, you’ll know there is a physicality to his act which matches the blizzard of ideas and words. So, how does he wind down after a show? “Nothing exotic, just a glass of red wine. I would like to get to bed earlier, but I need a good movie or, if I’m feeling particularly tired, something like Towie or Take Me Out; something that lobotomises me. I’m always reading good stuff, but now and again you need a burger because you can’t live on quinoa all the time. So I need something mega mainstream to bring me down.”


Normally in the run-up to a touring show, Russell will have almost a month of preview gigs under his belt. This time around, he had to ditch most of those plans to film his BBC series, Stupid Man, Smart Phone, for which he jetted off to various inhospitable parts of the world (the Arctic Circle, North Africa and Costa Rica among them) to see if he could survive purely with the aid of a constantly fully-charged mobile device with a permanent Wi-Fi connection. This is another example of a man who constantly wants to stretch himself, both physically and intellectually, whether it’s going on to Radio 4’s Saturday Review alongside AS Byatt to discuss the new Julian Barnes novel or writing his own next literary work. In 2012, two years after he won the Edinburgh Comedy Award, Russell published The Humorist, the tale of a tormented comedy critic who discovers the secret blueprint for humour, and he is continually working away on future literary projects.


Kane also has ambitions to tap into the online market with his stand-up. “I’ve not really seen other stand-ups doing it; I’ve seen some using their social media and doing bits of sketches but I haven’t seen many take the risk of doing stand-up down the barrel of a camera, posting it and seeing what happens. I did a thing recently, which I called The Kaneing, where I looked at a celebrity news story and put it on my Facebook wall. I was worried it might seem a bit embarrassing and desperate, but it got 64,000 views overnight.”


The popularity of Russell Kane is in little doubt, but he’s keen to make the most of his time at the top of the British stand-up tree. His sense of gratitude for the job he’s doing is palpable and he confesses that touring the country and making people laugh is something he will never tire of. “I love it. If I ever have a bad day and feel miserable, I think about the things my family have done for a living. The fact that I can walk into a hotel, lie on the bed, watch a sci-fi movie, go and do an hour’s work on stage is incredible.”


Upcoming: May Shows

After the relaxing month of April we move into a jam-packed line-up of events for you here at the theatre in May!

An Evening With Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames

Come and enjoy an evening with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, commemorating 50 years since the release of Yeh Yeh! The British music icon will be here on the 13th to deliver a stunning performance of his greatest hits, including, ‘Yeh Yeh’, ‘Sunny’ and ‘Sitting In The Park’.


Tickets are available through our website or Box Office on 01276 707600.

We’ve Only Just Begun The Carpenters

“We’ve Only Just Begun” is a celebration of the Carpenters music and the spirit of Karen Carpenter. Every song in the show is a chart hit, brilliantly performed by vocalist Toni Lee, with her Big Band and singers.
This high quality production includes an audio visual presentation that will dazzle the audience, an event not to be missed!


Tickets are available through our website or Box Office on 01276 707600.

CAMUS Presents 42nd Street

CAMUS returns with their dazzling adaptation of 42nd Street. This timeless musical focuses on aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer as she strives to make it in the cut-throat world of musical theatre. It is the inspiring and uplifting story of hard work, being in the right place at the right time, talent and love.

Featuring spectacular songs including “Lullaby Of Broadway”, “We’re In The Money” and of course the title song, “42nd Street” is a show that will entertain audiences from start to finish and have them humming its songs and tapping their toes.


So You Want To Write A Novel?

Is there a novel in you waiting to be written? Perhaps you just like the idea of having a go but need some inspiration. In an interactive, three-hour workshop, novelist Miriam Wakerly will guide you from blank page to possible publication. Together the group will explore the many aspects of writing fiction. Come along and try something new today!

Tickets are available through our website or Box Office on 01276 707600.

How The Koala Learnt To Hug

Based on the best selling book by Steven Lee and written especially for parents to enjoy with their children, How The Koala Learnt To Hug is a charming tale about the magic of family and the importance of a nice, warm hug.

So join Steven and a host of wild characters including Natascha the Witch, the Reggae Beavers and Karen the Koala for some great stories, sing along songs, superb games and first class hugging. All you need are your ears. (And your arms!)

Rated 5 * by several theatrical companies this is an event you should definitely attend if you have a little one!

Koala Brochure Image with text

Tickets are available through our website or Box Office on 01276 707600.

Comedy Club

Our monthly comedy club returns to provide a night of spice and entertainment to all! This months line-up includes:

Closing – Ava Vidal
Opening – Iszi Lawrence
Middle – Gary Tro
Open spot – Alex Voackes
Compere – Geoff Whiting

Come down, sit back and relax – you can even enjoy a curry and drink as part of your ticket choice. If that hasn’t tempted you, I’m not sure what will.


Tickets are available through our website or Box Office on 01276 707600.

For information on all our upcoming shows please visit our website at:

Upcoming: April Shows

What a month March turned out to be! I hope you enjoyed your show with us here at Camberley Theatre!

Moving into April we have lots of exciting things lined up for you.

Tree Fu Tom – 4th April

Finding yourself stuck for ideas with what to do with the kids this Easter? Join us THIS Saturday for Tree Fu Tom live! The show is packed with adventure, fun, music and participation – so come along and immerse yourself in the magic!

tree fu key art

Ballet Theatre UK presents Aladdin – 12th April

Aladdin’s journey will sweep you into an exotic world full of daring adventure, enchanting spells, unbelievable riches, treachery and of course true love. Rated 4 stars by ‘Whatsonstage’ this show will provide glittering costumes, expressive dancers and an impressive show. Make sure you’ve got your tickets!


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG) – 14th April

Love film? Join us as Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Judi Dench, Richard Gere and more star in this wondering movie about the demands of a traditional Indian wedding and how it threatens to engulf them all, before an unexpected way forward presents itself.

An Evening with Julian Lloyd Webber – 16th April

A brilliant evening of stories and music as Julian Lloyd Webber takes you through a historical and musical journey of his life and career showing clips of him performing and chatting with of many of the artists he’s worked with during his illustrious career such as, Nigel Kennedy, Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Yehudi Menuhin, Katherine Jenkins and many others.

Julian L Webber

Cloudbusting – The Kate Bush Show – 19th April

This 5-piece band have been playing to critical acclaim up and down the UK for three years. If you love Kate Bush, you will LOVE this band. Whether you sit back and absorb the full audio/visual experience or get up and dance along to your favourite Kate song, Cloudbusting shows are for you…


An Evening of Mediumship with Tony Stockwell – 28th April

It’s NOT creepy or kooky, mysterious or spooky. It’s Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell demonstrating his belief that those who have passed can communicate with their loved ones. Join us as Tony demonstrates mediumship and see the results for yourself.

2014 brochure pic 2 15 x 20

For ALL information about our upcoming shows this April please click here.

Review: February Shows

As we moved into February our programme didn’t appear to be all that chaotic, but nevertheless, we were host to some fantastic shows. With sell out audiences for Del Boy & Rodney & our monthly Comedy Club, the laughter really must have been contagious this February!

Shackleton’s Carpenter
This one may play took us on a journey of the highs, lows and struggles during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Different to say the least, but nonetheless a brilliant performance by actor Rennie Malcom. He captivated the audience from start to finish with the heartfelt storyline.
Rennie, Malcolm New 7

Be Bop A Lula
The rock and roll party took the theatre by storm. With covers from Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury and Roy Orbison the crowd were left bopping away for this spectacular night of music.

Be Bop On Stage

Curtis Stigers
No he’s not dead, and yes he is still very much performing. Curtis came and stole the hearts of many ladies this Valentine’s day, with the flaunt of his new swing album, Hooray for Love. The saxophonist played incredibly well and had the audience signing his praises after the show. Lovely gent, and brilliant musician!
Del Boy & Rodney: The Dinner Show
With sell out spaces for both nights, this show was extremely popular at the theatre this month. Guests came to enjoy a 3 course meal whilst being entertained by the tribute act. Fun-filled, non-stop laughter all round, a brilliant night – cheers guys!

150119 Del Boy cast shot

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Upcoming: March Shows

What a month February turned out to be! I hope you enjoyed your show with us here at Camberley Theatre!

Moving into March we have lots of exciting things lined up for you.

Wanna’ get your boogie on to some music? Relive the 70’s and 80’s with an Abba Tribute.

8 Feb ABBA Reunion

If ‘pop’ is not quite you’re genre, we also present to you, Savoy Singers: Iolanthe, a stunning opera performance.


Fancy a giggle? Come and join us for our monthly Comedy Club – you can even have a curry and a drink included with your ticket! Working with Mirth Control to bring you the best comical talent around.


Our film for March is Unbroken – an epic drama that follows the incredible life of Olympian and war hero Louis Zamperini.


To see our full list of upcoming events please click here.

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