Peter Pan Photo-shoot!

We’ve been having fun and working hard – casting ‘Peter Pan’ for this Christmas and taking photos – yes, in the summer!

Here’s Nana the Dog saying ‘hi’

And here’s us sneaking a photo of the photshoot! Meet Tinkerbell, Capt.Hook and Peter Pan! Watch this space, we’ll be going Peter Pan crazy, we promise! 🙂

Tickets are on sale now, get yourselves ready for an awfully big adventure!



New Brochure Time!

The new Camberley Theatre brochure is at the printers and very nearly ready to get delivered!

The good people at Optichrome printers in Woking invited us down to see the printing take place. What a lovely welcome we got 🙂


Here’s their fantastic new machine, the Heidelberg Speedmaster at work printing our brochure:


Various stages the process:


And here’s the theatre manager, Mark holding up a freshly printed sheet!


So, get ready – stand by your letter boxes if you’re on our mailing list (why not sign up if you’re not?) or pop into the theatre next week and pick up a copy. We’ve got loads of very exciting events coming up. Hey, it  is our 5oth anniversary after all!

Craig Ogden answers our exclusive blog questions!

The hugely talented guitarist, Craig Ogden is performing at Camberley Theatre on February 25th. Here he is recording his new album with the help of some friends, including the wonderful Ji Liu who performed at Camberley Theatre a couple of weeks ago.

For tickets to Craig’s show:


We asked Craig some questions for this blog….

  1. What’s your favourite thing about going on tour?

It’s a great escape from every day life! All you have to worry about is having fun playing the guitar which was the reason I came to the UK in the first place. 

2. What can the Camberley audience expect?

Variety! There’s lots of different music in this programme – hopefully something for everyone. I also like to chat a bit about the music, my guitar, other aspects of doing what I do, so hopefully the audience will feel entertained and informed.

  1. Have you any funny or special memories of Surrey in general?

My favourite Surrey memory would be performing with the legendary guitarist John Williams at Surrey University a few years ago. I grew up listening to his recordings and saw him play in Perth a number of times when I was a kid. Playing duets with him was surreal and wonderful!

  1. This is our 50th Anniversary year, can you remember your first trip to the theatre and / or the first piece of music you bought?

I can remember the first little vinyl single I bought – Music Box Dancer played by Richard Clayderman – what a cool kid I was!? The song that really inspired me to want to play the guitar was ‘This Old Guitar’ by John Denver. I loved lying in our lounge room listening to his albums from when I was about five years old! Annoyingly, I can’t remember my first trip the theatre but although Perth is very isolated there is lots going on there so I remember many different trips to see plays, ballet and other shows during my childhood. 

Thanks Craig! For you, here’s John Denver with that gorgeous old Gibson guitar from 1910.


Tickets to see Craig’s show on February 25th can be purchased here: